Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Certifiably painful

Last night's movie: "Certifiably Jonathan" -- a painfully bad, unfunny, artless "mockumentary" starring Jonathan Winters. What a missed opportunity. A real documentary about Winters would have been amazing. You see flashes of what could have been in this crapfest -- moments of great humor whenever Jonathan is allowed to riff free and loose and be real. But the fake story about Winters trying to get into the Museum of Modern Art and suffering after a painting of his is stolen (he's really a fantastic artist) is both unconvincing and devoid of humor. Robin Williams livens things up a bit once or twice. There's a decent scene of Winters and Howie Mandell shopping in Target looking for where they can buy "funny," and the scene where Winters tries to hire a hitman to recover his lost sense of humor almost achieves something, but the rest is awful. I kept watching for glimpses of Winters being Winters, which you get, but I definitely don't recommend this film. Watch Winters clips on YouTube instead.