Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In 2011, I will...

  • Post my resolutions later than most other people (done!)
  • Do good work that I care about (and less that's just about the almighty dollar)
  • Make a difference, in as many ways as possible
  • Write at least 100 articles about endangered species (and if I'm lucky, help contribute to saving a few of them)
  • Draw at least 50 gag cartoons, move my webcomic to a better host, and figure out a way to make a few dollars from my cartooning (or at least the first two)
  • Have an unexpected adventure (but by saying this, am I expecting it?)
  • Turn 42 (eek!)
  • Finally move out of this mold-ridden nightmare townhouse (achoo!)
  • Lose 5 pounds. Or ten. (Or less.)
  • Take 1,000 photographs (which means finding 1,000 new things in the world to photograph)
  • Seek peace, calm, happiness and enjoyment in all things (except those things I'll stay angry about)
  • Probably not write any fiction (except this list?)
  • Try to end the constant pain in my hands (not typing stuff like this would have been a good beginning)
  • Blog more (or not)
  • Take control in all things (because I deserve it)