Sunday, March 3, 2013


Last year, as part of a long-term plan to cut down the amount of chemicals I put in my body, I gave up my daily (or twice-daily) can of Diet Coke. I may have had the jitters once or twice, and I'm sure I dreamed about swimming in a pool full of caramel, but within a few weeks I was fine.

Today at the grocery store, feeling both overheated and tired, I spied the little fridge next to the register, broke down, and bought myself a bottle of Diet Coke.

Oh, it tasted so good. So good.....

A few weeks from now, if you suddenly stop hearing from me, take a look in the nearest dark alley, where you may find me sprawled amongst a clattering heap of empty soda cans, moaning quietly to myself, "I can give it up any time I want....."