Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Who? What? Where?

Earlier today I found myself suddenly (and really inexplicably) nostalgic for the old Doctor Who Magazine. I subscribed for several years back when I was in high school, the same years when I would spend every Saturday night watching the show on New Jersey Network (I didn't date much). I remember how each issue would come in a brown air mail envelope from the UK. I'd tear open each envelope and tear through each issue, sucking down every bit of information that I read.

Of course, I barely remember any of it now. Strange bits and pieces flash into my memory now and then, especially when watching the new episodes, but most of what I read is gone to the sands of time. I do remember a few covers, and I think the one shown here was from the first issue that I read back in the day. This cover gallery has inspired a few more memory flashes. I wish that I remembered more.

I also used to subscribe to some sort of Doctor Who fan club newsletter. I can't find anything that looks familiar online, so I'm pretty confused as to what that might have been. Oh, time, you're a harsh mistress.

Magazines like this didn't last through the 57 moves I have made over the years. That's probably a good thing, or I'd be re-reading them all right now, along with issues of Dynamite, Bananas, Dragon, and whatever other geeky stuff I used to have piled around my teenaged self's room. But all the same, it's nice looking back and remembering what was, and who I used to be.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lore Four

Hey, it's here! The fourth edition of LORE -- the anthology series for which I serve is contributing editor -- is now available. There are some great stories in this volume. I hope you'll check it out. (It should also be available through Amazon soon.)