Tuesday, December 1, 2015

George Lucas’s Star Wars Working Title List

Many ages ago, before the first Star Wars movie started filming, George Lucas had trouble coming up with a name for his planned opus. Here we unearth his working title list, along with insight into his thought process:

The Star Wars (too silly?)
The War of the Stars (getting closer)
Starry Warriors (almost there)
Starving Warriors of the Stars (sequel?)
Starry Star Stars (don’t get punchy, George)
Starve Warts (save this for another project)
Luke and Darth’s Amazing Adventure (now you’re thinking)
War Constellation (back to war, huh. I think I’m on to something here. maybe check thesaurus for other words for “war”)
Battle Beyond the Stars (there we go)
Battle in the Stars (closer)
Battle of the Stars (closest)
Battle of the Network Stars (already in use? check this out.)
BattleStars (oh my)
Battle Constellation (no, let’s not go there again)
Conflict Among the Stars (am I just obsessed with stars?)
No Peace in Starville (save for project #3)
The Rogue Shoots First (trying something different; too vague)
Robots and Rogues (okay, that’s a little too French)
Hidden Fortress in Space (oops, let’s not get sued!)
Star Fortress in Space (this is getting tiring)
Star Wars (oh fuck it)