Wednesday, November 9, 2011

7 creative updates

1. My poem "Necropsy" appears in the new issue (#115) of the venerable Space and Time Magazine. It doesn't seem to be for sale on their site yet, but here's the cover:

2. Another new poem, "Manscaping," appears in the latest issue (#15) of the sf/fantasy poetry zine, Illumen.

(Both of those poems were sold years ago. Writing is definitely a game of delayed gratification.)

3. I'm posting semi-frequent new sketches and mini-paintings over at the Platt Arts blog. Here's one of my favorites:

4. If you're interested in my journalism (and you should be), I post weekly link compendiums over on the Platt Article Library blog.

(I should probably roll all of these blogs into one, but I think they'll stay the way they are for now. Follow them all!)

5. I'm kinda working on some fiction again. I got a very encouraging rewrite request from a very good editorial team, so I'm thinking about how I can take that story to the next level. It's going to require digging deep into the dark parts of my brain to really make this story sing, so wish me luck.

6. I'm almost done with my next mini-comic. The interiors are all done, so all I need to do now is come up with a title and a cover. And then find a place to print the darn thing (not an easy task in semi-rural Maine). No rush -- I plan to have it ready for the next MECAF in May 2012. I also have probably 75% to 90% of another mini-comic written, and hope to start drawing it soon, again with a six-month completion goal.

7. I'm trying to come up with my creative goals for 2012. So far, I only have one: be creative. I may or may not get more specific than that.

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