Monday, October 4, 2010

Royalties are good (aka, the Great Die Laughing Experiment, Part II) sent along the first royalties for the e-book version of Die Laughing the other day. Not bad. I won't get rich off this book, but then again, I never expected to. I will, however, be able to get a nice burger and a beer, which is pretty good for an eight-year-old book.

(Truth in terminology: "royalties" isn't quite the word here, since I'm getting the lion's share of the "cover price," but I can live with it.)

To continue the Die Laughing experiment, I have now lowered the price of the e-book by a buck, to $2.99. This seems to be a popular price point for Kindle books. Maybe it will increase sales a bit. We'll see.

So, want to help me buy another burger? You can read this e-book on a Kindle, your PC or a smart phone. (Or if you'd like, I still have copies of the old-fashioned paperback edition of the book. Drop me a line.)

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