Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sometimes you have to change the world to make art.

Ripples in the reflection
Originally uploaded by JohnPlatt
Funny story about this photo.

Yesterday, while taking a quick lunch-hour walk, I came across some amazing fall foliage down at the nearby lake. The lake, meanwhile, was as still as glass. Not the slightest ripple as far as the eye could see. Looking out across the water, the trees on the other shore melded into their reflections so perfectly you could barely make out the water line.

I took about 50 photos of what I dubbed Lake Reflecto (click through to see some of the best), but then I got bored.

I wanted some variety. Something more artistic.

So I stood on the edge of the dock and gently flexed my knees a couple of times.

Just me. Just one 10x10 dock. The barest exertion of my muscles. And within 60 seconds, the entire lake was covered in ripples.

Did I feel guilty about disturbing the peaceful serenity? Heck no. I just took more photographs. And then I came home and posted them online.

We make our own art. Sometimes art makes ripples. Sometimes our lives make ripples. And sometimes the ripples make the art.

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  1. Just when I was about to take this awesome lake reflection photo, ripples came out of nowhere...