Tuesday, April 5, 2011


  • A new place to live (six major floods in four-plus years is six too many)
  • A new client or two (or the promised new jobs from current clients that haven't materialized yet)
  • A hug from an orangutan (any primate will do)
  • A nice shoulder massage (too many hours in front of the keyboard)
  • A Wi-Fi enabled Blu-Ray player (Netflix streaming, baby!)
  • Someone to take some of my comic books off of my hands (more go out with next week's recycling; they're too hard to sell these days)
  • A nice reading lamp (why are they so hard to find?)
  • My dressy coat (it's hiding in a box here somewhere...)
  • Any art by F.G. Cooper (I'm obsessed with this obscure 1930s cartoonist)
  • Time to listen to Robbie Robertson's new album (released today!)
  • Dinner plans for this weekend (you in?)
  • Time to draw my next mini-comic (the deadline for the Maine Comic Arts Festival approaches!)
  • More time to blog (I've got some stuff to get off of my chest!)

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