Friday, June 1, 2012

IFAW's Animal Action Awards 2012

About a week and a half ago I made the journey from Maine out to Cape Cod, where the International Fund for Animal Welfare presented me with one of their Animal Action Awards for 2012, which recognized my writing about endangered species, climate change, wildlife trafficking and related issues. The award is quite the honor -- especially since IFAW does phenomenal work themselves.

I didn't get to see as much of the Cape as I wanted -- we had rain, fog and storms pretty much the whole time -- but I did get to quickly visit a local wildlife preserve (in between cloudbursts), the Edward Gorey House Museum (which wasn't officially open, but the curator gave me a personal tour), and a shopping mall (I needed some Tums after too many on-the-road meals).

But I wasn't making the trip for sightseeing purposes. The real value came in the people I met: the other honorees and the great staff at IFAW. I left Cape Cod feeling energized and ready to keep covering the stories I am passionate about.

So much of what we do as writers or artists goes out into the great silent void. You rarely hear if your work has made an impact. I am glad to know that my writing has made a difference.

The IFAW just posted this short video from the awards ceremony. Check it out:

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