Monday, September 23, 2013

Oldest Living American Serial Killer Tells All

The resurrection of my older horror and crime short stories continues. This week it's "Oldest Living American Serial Killer Tells All," which is now available for Kindle for just 99 cents.

I always liked this story, and it stayed in print for a lot of years in the Barnes & Noble anthology 100 Menacing Little Murder Stories. That book finally went where all such books go -- into the ether -- so now it's time to bring the tale back into print. In addition to the story itself, this e-edition includes an exclusive new afterword about the titular serial killer -- Rockwell, who's just as American as apple pie and the painter that shared his name.

By the way, I think the cover for this one came out pretty well. I wanted something striking, with bold but simple typography since the title is so long. I thought about playing around with splashes of blood or something more violent, but this is actually a fairly sedate crime story, so I think I struck the right balance.

I hope you'll give "Oldest Living American Serial Killer Tells All" a read. Who knows, I may even revisit Rockwell one of these days. I'm sure he's still got some mischief up his aged sleeves.

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